Once Upon A Time Deposit

Once Upon A Time Deposit


Hi Kathy, 

My proposal landed at $1800, without the candelabras. It includes addressing the homecoming court stage, entrance to the game lounge, overhang above the bar, band stage backdrop and the girls powder room.

Disclosure: Modifications are sometimes made on the day of install due to the translation from a 2D illustration to real life sometimes requires it. Usually when this happens it is even MORE fabulous, so no need to worry. Everything will be ready to go on the day of the event, SEPT 23RD, and achieve the fabulous feeling that we are all working to create. 

I will be there after the event to dismantle.

A 50% deposit is required. + $150 for Candelabra Rental from Urban Jumble which I will coordinate! = $1050 will be the deposit.

A 50% balance will be due by Saturday, Sept 30th. This will allow me plenty of time to determine the accurate balance. I'm hoping that we might come in under. Then I will submit another invoice with the balance.

I am over-the-moon to be a part of this magical event and thrilled to death that you chose me!


Nicole Gilmore


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